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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is your kennel better than a chain link kennel?
2. I hear large gaps can be a problem; don’t your panels have gaps between the connections?
3. I like the look but how does it compare in strength to chain link? 
4. Can my dog get out of the kennel?
5. Can it be used for commercial applications?
6. What about the gate, how does it work?
7. I heard that animals could choke from chewing the vinyl coating-isn't that a problem with a black kennel?
8. We want our house cat to have a safe place to spend time outdoors. Will it work for our cat?
9. Is it hard to assemble?
10. Are special sizes available? 
11. Is there a way to cut a hole to place the dog house outside the kennel to give him more room?

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 Why is your kennel better than a chain link kennel? Pets test weak connections
We believe the V-Squared™ has many advantages over the typical residential chain link kennel. Our Advantages and Features pages cover several of the key issues that we won't repeat here, expanding on those pages and on our brochure we should reinforce that maintaining minimum clearances between panels and tight welded connections reduces the animal’s temptation to try to breach the kennel. After years of designing and selling all kinds of kennels, we observed that in almost all occurrences where an animal escapes through (vs. over or under) or becomes entrapped in a chain link kennel happens at panel connections, where the mesh connects to the frame, or at the knuckled edge of the chain link fabric which can be unraveled once an aggressive animal senses a weakness in the enclosure. Rarely do animals simply tear at the mesh, but it isn’t unheard of.  Return to top.

 I hear large gaps can be a problem, don’t your panels have gaps between the connections?
Bracket adjusts for both angle and clearance
Our gaps are minimal due to the design of our panel connecting bracket that bothcenter point snap clip adjusts the angle between the panels and also allows the panel edges to be adjusted so there is very little gap. With the bracket we include snap on clips that help to assure that the mid-points of the connection cannot be flexed apart. Return to top.

 I like the look but how does it compare in strength to chain link?
Our patent pending panel design uses multiple four gauge (5.75mm diameter) galvanized steel wires to form the integrated wire frame. Strength V2 wire frame relative to chain link tube frameis measured in center point beam loading which is similar to the strength of heavy gauge chain link tubing (not the light stuff found in the typical box stores). The wire mesh is 11 ½ gauge with 2 3/8” spacing which is comparable to better quality chain link mesh. Because our frame design is less obtrusive that is sometimes mistaken for not being as strong. See for yourself and check out our side by side strength test.
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 Can my dog get out of the kennel? We have designed the V-Squared Kennel to minimize the possibility escape but no kennel is “breach proof” in every circumstance. It is important that your pet be periodically monitored until you are comfortable that you know how your pet reacts in various circumstances. Unanticipated events such as another dog in season, a distant thunderstorm or a wild animal in the area can cause normally calm animals to become desperate and act radically. Some pets, especially dogs, can suffer from separation anxiety when left alone. The ASPCA offers tips on how to manage this and other behaviors and guidelines for keeping your pet outdoors on their website. The Humane Society also offers tips on dogs that escape their yards. It is also important to take into consideration the possibility of other animals getting INTO your pet’s kennel. People in areas near wild animals often should consider a top panel. Read before purchase: ADVISORY NOTICE  Return to top.

 Can it be used for commercial applications?
Possibly, depending on the circumstance, but keep in mind that our kennel is designed as a premium residential kennel, not as a commercial kennel. The important distinction is that residential kennels have specific pets, enclosed in a familiar setting where they can be monitored to establish their initial reaction to the enclosure and trained if necessary to accept their new environment. Commercial kennels, such as boarding kennels, shelters, etc. typically have a variety of pets with a range of dispositions being placed in them so they need added strength (and cost) to be designed for the unexpected. Ultimately only the pet owner or user of the kennel understands what kind of circumstances might be encountered in their installation. If the requirement is large enough we could produce a heavier version for a commercial application however. Return to top.

 What about the gate, how does it work? Our unique latch starts with a flip latch mechanism whichkennel latch closedkennel latch open requires a “lift then roll” back motion that has been popular on kennels for years because of its difficulty for an animal to operate. Unique to V-Squared however we have latching tabs (fingers) that grab the edge of the gate frame in 4 places. These tabs are mounted on a factory installed pivoting rod in the gate so little assembly is required. The pad-lockable flip latch mounts on either of the two center latching tabs so the gate can be left or right hand and is operated from a single mechanism conveniently positioned 51” (130cm) from the ground. Integrated stops prevent the gate from opening outward conditioning your pet to stand back rather than charge the gate when opening.   Return to top.

 I heard that animals could choke from chewing the vinyl coating, isn't that a problem with a black kennel? Our black kennel is coated with a safe polyester powder coated finish over the galvanized steel substrate. The 3 mill hard finish of polyester doesn’t compare to the softer and thicker (10-14 mil) PVC (poly vinyl chloride) coating on vinyl chain link. Polyester finishes have even been approved for use in food preparation surfaces (for humans). If you’re considering our galvanized kennel the paint used to touch up the welds has been tested for lead content and is strictly compliant with US standards. Return to top.

 We want our house cat to have a safe place to spend time outdoors. Will it work for our cat? option vinyl roof and truss
Yes, the kennel will work for cats and many other animals but cats will typically require a top on the kennel. An additional V2 wire panel can be installed on top of the kennel using the same kennel brackets. These lucky kittys have a 6'x6'x6' kennel installed on the deck outside the sliding glass door on three sides, the 4th panel was installed as a top allowing them free access to a secure outdoor area. Notice how the unobtrusive design of the V-Squared panels doesn't detract from the view from inside the home.

We offer an optional roof truss optional shade topkit with heavy vinyl top or alternatively we have a fabric shade screen could be used as a top. This is also a great solution for dogs that are jumpers or climbers.
These bunnies have wire panels installed on top of their enclosure to protect them from other animals in this hill side setting. The unobtrusive design of V-Squared was important to preserve the natural beauty of the setting. Return to top.

  Is it hard to assemble? In most cases the kennel comes with 4 panels and 4 bags of hardware. Instructions are printed on the hardware bags and are graphical. The brackets are pre-assembled inside the bag so there is no guesswork about how the bracket goes together. Simply position the bracket as shown opening it enough to connect to the wire panels to complete your kennel. An adjustable wrench and a pair of pliers is all that is needed to assemble your kennel. Complete instructions are available on our website. Return to top.

 Are special sizes available? We offer, and some of our dealers stock additional panels that can be used180 degree connector to extend the size of the kennel. You can configure your expanded kennel in a variety of ways. Note that the adjustable hardware will flex somewhat when panels are installed at 180° so in these applications we recommend you use our 180° wire panel connector to join the horizontal frames of two wire panels together. Another alternative is to configure the panels at angles such as a hexagon.

The adjustable hardware can be adapted to mount the panel to a wall as shown to the here or used to mount a panel as a roof panel. In this installation they used the wall as one side of the kennel and used that side panel to enclose the top. Return to top.

 Is there a way to cut a hole to place the dog house outside the kennel to give him more room?
The V2 kennel actually works very well for that. The all welded design means that the mesh won’t unravel. We suggest a saw cut rather than snipping the wires which can leave a sharp points. Use a sharp blade and take care not to break the welds whileV2 unique design makes it easy to cut a hole for a doghouse. cutting. The heavy 4 gauge vertical wires every 12” makes a great place to cut between two of these. Be sure to touch up the cut ends to prevent rusting. The “V” shaped frame can be oriented toward the inside of the kennel so the dog house can be placed closer to the body of the panel. In addition to giving your pet more space having the dog house on the outside has the added benefit of preventing your pet from climbing on top of the house to try to get over the side of the kennel. Return to top.

 Other questions?   contact us and we will respond and add Shopyour question to our list or visit our online store for pricing and availability or put you in contact with a local dealer.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Not all pets can be trained for containment. Larsen Innovations LLC CANNOT guarantee that the kennel will contain a pet in all cases. If for any reason you believe that your pet could pose a danger to himself or others if it were able to breach the kennel you should not rely exclusively on the kennel for containment. In ALL cases pet should be monitored when first introduced to the kennel. Larsen Innovations LLC shall NOT be liable for any property damage, economic loss or consequential damages sustained as a result of any animal breaching the system. If you are unsure whether this is appropriate for your pet please consult your veterinarian or certified trainer.
AVISO IMPORTANTE: No todos los animales domésticos pueden ser entrenados para la contención. Larsen Innovations LLC NO PUEDE garantizar que la perrera contendrá un animal doméstico en todos los casos. Si por cualquier razón usted cree que su animal doméstico podría llegar a ser peligroso a si mismo u otros si pudiera escaparse de la perrera usted no debe confiar exclusivamente en la perrera para la contención. En TODOS LOS casos el animal doméstico debe ser supervisado cuando primero está introducido a la perrera. Larsen Innovations LLC no será obligado para ningunos daños materiales, pérdida económica o daños consecuente sostenidos como resultado de ningún animal que se escapa del sistema. Si usted no está seguro si esto es apropiado para su animal doméstico por favor consulte a su veterinario o amaestrador certificado.




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